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Services & Rates


McClaran Legal Research & Writing accepts work for a variety of projects in criminal and civil matters, including:

● Motions to suppress evidence
● Motions in limine
● Rule 35 motions
● Post-conviction relief
● Motions for summary judgment
● Motions to dismiss
● Motions for reconsideration
● Discovery motions
● Motions to amend pleadings
● Post-trial motions
● Affidavits and declarations in support of the above motions
● Proposed jury instructions and verdict forms for complex civil litigation
● Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law for court trials


● No charge for consultations
● 2019 standard rate for research and writing projects: $90.00 per hour
● Inquire about reduced rates for Public Defender Conflict cases
● Rates for related services, such as proofreading and cite checking, are negotiable
● Complex or long-term projects may be negotiated on a flat fee basis